What to pack?

If you’re new to the beauty and adventure of the Sunshine Coast, you may wonder, “I’m a city dweller. What do I bring?” Well, wonder no more. Below is my suggested packing list for a visit in the spring or summer.

  1. Sneakers – A must. The hiking trails are calling your name.
  2. Flip flops / sandals – Because toes in cool water is a fantastic feeling!
  3. T-shirts – Easy to pair, easy to layer.
  4. Shorts – Comfier than pants any day.
  5. Water-resistant or waterproof jacket – Mother Nature can be a little mischievous with the rain. You’ll be glad you’re prepared.
  6. Swimsuit / swimming trunks – There are many beaches for a quick (or long) dip.
  7. Water bottle – Stay hydrated!
  8. Sunblock – Your skin deserves to be protected.
  9. Small backpack – It keeps your belongings together so you can hug friends and take photos.
  10. Phone – You can disconnect from the world, but you’ll want your camera. 🙂

Whether you’re strolling Gibsons Landing, enjoying a cold one at Persephone, or paddling the tranquil Sechelt Inlet with a kayak rental, the list above has you covered.

As adorable as these sea lions are, we do not recommend being naked anywhere.

Sea Lions.jpg




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