24 Hours in Sechelt

Owning a vacation rental outside of town is great… until you realize you have to do supply runs. Recently, Eric and I visited Sechelt to run errands and finish setting up our place for spring and summer. Since we were expecting guests on the weekend, we decided to do it on a Friday.

We headed over on Thursday night after work and spent less than 24 hours in town. Even though our time there was short and we had work to do, we loved it. There’s something about the ferry ride that makes it truly a decompression zone. As Horseshoe Bay terminal got smaller and smaller behind us, I looked ahead and saw the sun’s soft glow on the water and the wake. This alone helped to slow down my breathing, and I could feel myself physically relaxing.

To save time — or was that just an excuse? 😉 — we had dinner on the ferry. Yay for White Spot’s Pirate Pak!

The next day, we hit up Canadian Tire to return a patio heat lamp that didn’t work. We got a store credit, which was immediately spent. It costs a lot of money to set up and maintain a home! It helps that we can laugh at ourselves by treating each mistake as a learning opportunity. This is where Eric would say, “It also helps that my wife does the product returns.” 😛

While we were out, we stopped for lunch at Shift Kitchen and Tapas Bar. As soon as we walked in, I smiled at the sight of in-wall fireplaces on one side and mini shelves artistically displaying wine on another side. Despite this, the restaurant had a low-key, casual ambiance. This was evidenced by the patrons — to my left was a quiet couple in their 40s, and in front of me was a group of chatty grandmas. Our waitress was friendly, the food was tasty and the prices were reasonable. All in all, Shift was a great spur-of-the-moment decision.

When our guest informed us that his party would be checking in later than anticipated, Eric and I took advantage of the gift of time by having a drink on our deck. The tranquil surrounding is addictive — you have to experience it to believe it.


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