Family Date at Hogwarts!

On Friday, we took our daughter to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra for the special concert on Harry Potter, Chamber of Secrets.  Qianna is a big Harry Potter fan, so we figured it would be a nice family night out.  We were right — we had a great time!

For those who are not familiar with the Harry Potter series at the VSO, the orchestra plays all the movie scores while the movie is played on the big screen.  It’s a treat, especially for Harry Potter fans.  Q was very into the movie and the orchestral music.  Even though the night was expensive after everything was added up, it was very rewarding to see her enjoying a night out with us.  We try not to take it for granted that she still wants to hang out with us. 😉

Harry Potter.jpg

The Orpheum Theatre is a gorgeous space!  If you haven’t had a chance to see it, we encourage you to check it out.  The VSO plays here regularly.  If you’re under age 35, take advantage of the VSO’s All Access Pass, available to students and young adults.  While sold-out shows like Harry Potter are not part of the All Access Pass program, there are plenty of concerts that qualify.  Eric and I plan date nights with the VSO’s All Access Pass.  It’s fun to get dressed up and go out for dinner before the concert — the big sound is always impressive, regardless of whether you’re a music buff.

Have you experienced the VSO or other symphonies?  Do you have suggestions for us on concerts or music festivals?  We’d love to hear your thoughts on music!


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